Friday, 15 September 2017

Happy Birthday Roald Dahl

The Kevin group have been exploring Roald Dahl's stories and have created descriptions of some of Roald Dahls colourful book characters. 
 By Pearl

 By Nikita

Happy Birthday Roald Dahl

Last week was Roald Dahl's birthday so the Anges group looked into Roald Dahl's birthplace and the country where he lived for most of his life. Here is what they found out. 
Wales and Norway - Summary/Statements

Population - Sameera
The population of Wales is 3.063 million which is under the average population, meaning that their country is quite small. The population of Norway is 5.233 million, this is also under the average population which could mean that Norway is small, just like Wales.

Food - Samarah
Whatever country you go to there is always traditional food. Norway and Wales both have stews or soups. Norway has a traditional dish called Lapskaus, it is a thick Norwegian stew of meat and potatoes, some people even add more vegetables and spices. The dish can be made in multiple ways. In Wales they have Cawl otherwise known as a soup, the main ingredients are Carrots, Potatoes, Swedes (Rutabaga) and Meat.

Location -  Ranya  
Wales is located near England and is part of Great Britain and the United Kingdom. Norway is part of the continent Europe and is located near Sweden. Wales is 20,761 km² and Norway is 385,203 km². The climate in Norway is really cold and is a good place to go skiing and Wales is more of a wet country because in the UK it is more wet and warm.

History - Nuha
All the countries have sacred history.  In Norway, the time from 800 to 1050 A.D was called the Viking Period.  There, Norway was not one united country, but separate little kingdoms.  On 7th July 1905 Norway’s union with Sweden dissolved and Norway was declared an independent country.  Wales went through a range of ages such as the ice age and the stone age.  Also in the 3rd century Christianity arrived in Wales.  Few of the Christians were Martyred by the Welsh.  However the persecution of Christian ceased very soon after.

Native wildlife - Chantelle
All countries that you can visit will have a form of native wildlife, these are normally animals, birds or plants that can only be found in that country. Some of the wildlife that are classified as native to Wales are the goshawks, grey seals and the Red kites whereas some of the native wildlife in Norway are the eurasian lynxes, elks and reindeer  

Languages- Sherlyn

Both these countries have languages that are special to them. In Wales the official languages are Welsh and English. 508,000 people speak welsh in Wales and 562,000 people speak English in Wales. In Norway the official languages are Norwegian, Nynorsk, BokmÃ¥l  and in the north of Norway they speak Saami. They also speak english but it’s not an official language.

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

On my way to work

WALT Describe a moment in time
- Present tense 
- Describe what you think, see and feel
- First person - I, we, my, 
- Descriptive language - adjectives, verbs, similes,
- Range of sentence starters

On my way to work

“Come on, come on…” I mutter while I wait for the lights to change. I look up with boredness hoping that I would finally get to work in time. But instead of seeing the peaceful sky I am surprised to see a furry, tall creature. My bushy moustache wobbles while my knees knock together. It’s sharp red toenails hang off the edge of the new pavement while his hungry, enormous eyes stare at me. Bits of leaves and twigs stick to his stomach like a little child on their first day of school. “Why hello there” he says in a smug voice that makes my pearly white teeth chatter. As if it was a grumpy troll a thought storms through my brain. Will he hurt me?
By Sameera

Waiting on the crossing lights to change, I see a super colossal shadow heading towards me. As I was trying to hide, a car pulled up to the crossing lights and the driver had gasps. I did not even dare to look back. “Come on come on” I mutter as I wait for the lights to change. Oh oh. The super colossal monster stands right next to me. Bye bye world I think to myself as the monster which looks 50 times bigger than the hulk says in a low voice “Sup Greenhead.” That was my code name for NASA. How did he know? “Hello?? Are you deaf or what?” Shaking, I reply,  “Good morning whoever you are.”  “What you don't know my name?” Who could he be? I think to myself. “I’m Maximus, man.”  “Oh” I reply. The crossing lights changed. Both of us have a NASA suitcase.
By Viraj

Praying for the lights to change, I check my watch hoping I’ve still got time to reach work, before my hot headed boss would spit on me with anger.  Soon enough I feel the air becoming cold, and a dark shadow starts craning over me.  ‘What in the world is going on’ I start thinking.  Long hot pink nails come forward beside me.  Large feet are attached to the nails, and white furry legs go up a kilometre.  A NASA briefcase was in the grip in the ‘things’ hand.  I realize it is my friend from the NASA rocket launch.  “Good morning Jessica, I thought I’d never see you again,” I say.  With that we walk of to the other side of the road together.
By Nuha

As I stand on the pavement ready to cross the road I suddenly encounter enormous blue feet right next to me. “AHHH,” I screech. Slowly I stare up at his hair covered face. My eyes were about to pop out when I saw his face he had ears that were on his forehead, he had light blue eyes a tiny mouth and a long pointy nose like a witch.  The snow coloured fur on his body probably meant he was from a cold place. My eyes scan over the rest of his body. He was holding a briefcase and the large letters on the bag spelt NASA MONSTER RESEARCH. He had pink toenails and a black circle on his torso. The sun shone on his watch reflecting on me and blinding me for a second. Seconds later when the crossing opened, we walk over the gray road. “See ya,” he says in a low voice.
By Hemish

“Morning Sherlyn,” came the deep rumbling voice from beside me. I turn around to find myself near a huge, snow white monster. Hesitating I YELL “ Umm Good Morning Fred.” The traffic light seems to be taking forever. “Hurry up traffic light,”  I mutter to myself. Whenever I am near Fred I feel awkward everyone stares, babies cry, girls scream... It’s crazy. My lips are getting dry and I start sweating more than a kid after doing cross country. The traffic light finally turns green. “Took you long enough,” I whisper. I start jogging past Fred but he is to fast. After a while I find myself hiding in a rubbish bin in an alleyway. Could this be my life? I wonder. I decide that Fred is probably already gone to work so I get out of the bin and leave. But I am wrong he is there waiting for me to come out. There are these little boys crowded around him patting him like he was a dog. I can’t blame them his fur is really soft but he was not even close to being a dog he was a GIANT MONSTER!!! Parents start screaming and grabbing their kids away while giving me disgusted looks.. I feel so embarrassed but it isn’t my fault, it’s his. Bravely I say “Fred, I need to tell you something,” but he rudely interrupts me by saying ”Sherlyn, STOP distracting me I got to go to work!’
By Sherlyn

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

An invasion of Yellow Crazies

After reading 'An invasion of yellow crazies' by Allan Burne the Stuart group have created posters to warn about the danger of carrying this invasive Ants species back to NZ. 

Friday, 18 August 2017

The Tale of Despereaux

The Agnes group has been reading the Tale of Despereaux by Kate DiCamillo. It is a story about an usual little mouse called Despereaux and the various characters he meets while living in a castle. The group have been exploring the characters in the story.. here is some of their work. 

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Congratulations Sameera!

A huge congratulations to Sameera for receiving Edmund Bear this week. In the school holidays Sameera raised over $550 for the Red Cross to go towards the crisis in Syria. Her efforts have shown not only our school values of personal excellence and respect but also show her compassion and concerns for others. 
Well done Sameera, we are really proud of you!

Descriptive writing - DADWAVERS

In writing this week we have been learning about DADWAVERS. This is a mnemonic to help us remember and use a variety of descriptive sentences. 
Here is our first attempts to use this system to describe a setting and characters. 

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Once in a lifetime

WALT use descriptive language when retelling moments in a narrative. 

Up high in the sky the large wooden boat drifted slowly towards its destination. The old man, wearing a red bandana, looks out at the fading evening sky.  He wonders to himself about what he is doing up here and how will he ever find what he is looking for. Distracted by the darkening sky, he watches as the glowing pink clouds, which look like fluffy cotton candy, float across the reddening sky. All by himself, it was quiet and peaceful.

By Sahar and Amelia

The lonely old man stared down into the clouds where the rusty rudder from his airship had fallen seconds ago. He felt devastated and worried with  no idea what to do next.  As the broken rudder fell out of sight he was deep in thought about how he was going to get back home.  He had been trying to turn his ship around when disaster struck. Now he was stranded as his ship floated aimlessly in the darkening sky.

By Ranya and Nikita

Flying through the evening sky, everything seemed to be ordinary. Ahead in the distance, the turtles and I see something peculiar, a strange hovering blimp in the middle of the orange sky!? As we get closer we notice the huge wooden pirate ship hanging from the underside of the blimp. We all stare curiously as the we see an old man standing in the middle of it. Wondering how he mysteriously appeared, we glided closer to have a look.

By Ali Zain and Jeremiah.

Old timer Keen heard some very peculiar sounds coming from the orange clouds. The scruffy man wasn’t very sure about it, so he rushed to have a quick look in his telescope and as soon as he peeked through the scope he was shocked to see a colossal turtle  unknown to mankind drifting lazily towards his chocolate coloured ship. The Oversized beast was more  heavy than 10 elephant's stacked together. He ran as fast as he could  to get a rope…

By Dev, Torres and Johann.

Thrilled, my heart raced as the large emerald coloured flying turtle flew above me while I stared at the unusual but extraordinary sight. The shells of the amazing turtles gleamed in the shining sun. I felt like slapping myself to find out if I was dreaming but couldn’t get myself to do it. My eyes were fixed in a gaze. I could feel the stares of every passing turtle, probably wondering why an old man was in the air alone. There was still hope of finding precious land, if I quickly made a plan.

By Pearl, Tanishka, Nuha and Maarya

Snap! The sky-pirate stared in horror as the rope broke apart releasing the large turtle. Feeling disappointed, he watches the turtle follow the others as they fly away into the distance. The enormous turtle now looks like a microscopic pigeon as the final turtle glided away into the glowing sunset. A feeling of despair overcomes him as he realises his last chance has gone. He is worried he will be stuck in the clouds for the rest of his life. “What am I going to do?” he wonders to himself. His head droops as he considers how he will survive, when all of sudden he hears one last cry. Looking around he sees a baby turtle approaching, flying a long way behind the others.

By Viraj and Kishan

The old man stood helplessly on his floating sailing ship as the giant turtle slowly approaches. It flies low and close to the side of the ship. The little turtle cries out to his family up ahead. As the sky pirate looks at the turtles flying off into the dusky horizon he glances back at the smaller turtle. He realises this is his last chance. “I could be stuck here forever” he whispers to himself. With positives thoughts running through his head he steps up to the edge of the ship. He climbs up onto the wooden railing. Calculating the timing in his head, he aims for the large smooth green shell. Taking a enormous breath, he closes his eyes tightly shut and he makes the leap. As he falls through the sky he crosses his fingers….

By Sebastian and Krish

Hoping to land on the Turtle’s back, The scientist let out a sigh of relief when he landed safely onto the Turtle’s colourful back. The little turtle’s back, which was carved with weird patterns, was smooth. Whilst he glided through the evening sky, he thought about being free and being the first person to sight a  unknown myth. Only thing he dreamt about the reward he would get when he told everyone of his adventures. The old pirate’s mission was complete. Curious about where the turtles will take him, the colony of turtles was now out of sight and disappeared into the abyss...

By Samarah and Lujein

To watch the full narrative : Literacy Shed - Once in a lifetime

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Maori Issue #7 Maori Land wars

Maori Issue #6 Occupation of Bastion Point

Maori Issues #5 Waitangi Tribunal

Maori Issue #4 Maori Battalion

Maori issues #3 The Establishment of the Maori Party

Maori Issues #2 Kingitanga movement

Maori Issues #1 1975 Hikoi to Parliament

Over the last few weeks we have been learning about significant events in NZ's history and the effect these have had on Maori. We started by learning about the struggle at Parihaka where the Maori showed peaceful resistance. As a class we brainstormed the many ways that people can show peaceful and passive resistance including petitions, taking an issue to parliament, protesting, boycotting, going on strike, holding a march and voting in elections/referendums. 

We then split off into groups to research other Maori issues that have seen the use of both violent and non-violent resistance. We then shared the information that we found with the class. 


This term we have been learning about Statistics.. here is a very interesting video to show how statistics can be used to illustrate a need or problem. 

Wednesday, 14 June 2017


This week we have been looking at the language of statistical investigations. Working in small groups we came up with a question which required an investigation, we then carried out a survey and created a frequency table to show our results. Then we used equipment around the classroom to create a column graph of our findings. 

Kiwi sports Hockey

For the last four weeks we have been enjoying learning to play hockey! We have been learning all about hitting, striking, ball control and of course safety! Here's a few shots of Room 1 in action...

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Camp Day one...

We have arrived safely at MERC camp in Long Bay, the kids have enjoyed a great first day of activities! We have been rewarded with awesome weather so fingers crossed it lasts...
Here is some of the action from day one...

Friday, 19 May 2017

What's been happening in Inquiry?

First we studied images of different baby carriers. We looked at the purpose and function of a baby carrier and discussed how different carriers could be used for different aged children. We then identified the materials the carriers were made from and used this information to sequence the carriers into timelines. 
After that we created a compare and contrast map to show the changes in baby carriers from the older models to the newer ones. 
Finally we then created a diagram of all the parts of a baby carrier and then used this to create a Part Whole (Analysis) map. We identified what would happen if the parts were missing and therefore analysed what its main function is. We then combined our earlier comparison map and evaluated how each part of the baby carrier has been modified or improved over time. We generalised that Baby carriers were still a necessary and important piece of technology but its parts had been changed over time to better suit its function by making them easier to use and more durable.  

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

NZ Sign Language week #MUSIC

While learning about sign language this week we came across some sign language videos for popular songs on Youtube. Having really enjoyed learning all the different signs this week, we decided to challenge ourselves to create a sign language music video for this weeks Assembly song. We broke the song into sections and worked together to learn the main signs. Here is our video. 

Thursday, 11 May 2017

NZ Sign language week #COLOURS

Today we learnt the signs for the different colours. Here is a quick video to show our learning. 

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

NZ Sign Language week #NUMBERS

Today we practised using our numbers in maths. Here is a quick video to show what we learnt. 

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Our Taonga Inquiry

Over the last few weeks we have been learning about our families histories. By interviewing our parents we have been able to discover where we come from and in many cases why our families chose NZ to start their new lives. Here is just a few things we have learnt about ourselves and each other... 

"Michael's great - grandmother was born in 1916 and is 100 years old" Sahar

"Maarya's family left Fiji because of the coup. As the army had taken over the government" Hemish

"If Samarah's parents hadn't immigrated she would still be living in Fiji, but they came here because of the coup and to have a better life" Amelia

"Hemish's parents came to NZ to get away from the crime, pollution and corruption in India" Maarya

"Amelia's parents came for a better lifestyle and to enjoy and take part in a new culture" Samarah

"Sameera's parents were married in the Halsey Drive school hall" Gabrielle

"In Pakistan, if you were a certain type of muslim you would be in danger" Nuha

"Sebastian was a baby model whose picture was printed in a magazine" Ilsa

"The whole island of Niue has wifi" Brianna

"We are all first generation Kiwis, whose 
parents immigrated to NZ for better education, lifestyle, culture and safety. This means we have been able to live better lives and in the future we will benefit from higher education and opportunities we wouldn't have had before." Samarah, Chantelle, Hemish,     Maarya, Viraj, Amelia, Dev.